Toy Safety Guidelines

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Toy Safety

Everyone loves getting gifts around the holidays, especially kids! You only want the best for your kids, so you want them to have safe and age-appropriate toys. We’ve put together a list of guidelines to follow when buying toys for kids ages 0-12 so you can make sure they are not presented with any dangers or hazards, and everyone can enjoy a safe and fun holiday gift-giving season!

Guidelines For All Ages

  • Read Labels — Labels on toys, such as “Not suitable for children under 3” or “Flame Resistant” are there for a reason. Read and heed these labels to make sure you buy toys that are age and instruction appropriate, as well as made of high-quality and safe materials.
  • Choose with Care — Keep in mind the child’s interest, skill level and age to choose toys that will be both safe for them to use, as well as fun for them!
  • Set-up and Clean-up — When opening new toys make sure all trash is discarded quickly. For younger children, plastic wrap can be dangerous and even deadly if played with. For older kids, toys with batteries and other small parts should be set-up with the help of an adult to make sure nothing is misplaced and electrical components are installed properly.

Ages 0 – 3

  • Make sure toys do not have choking hazards. Check toys regularly for wear and tear, since pieces that break off can become choking hazards as well. Anything that is less than 75 inches in diameter is a choking hazard.
  • Any soft toys, such as stuffed animals, should be machine washable.
  • Toys with strings or ribbons can create a strangulation hazard and should not be given to young children.

Ages 4 – 6

  • Avoid electrically operated toys, especially if they must be plugged in to use or have other heating elements.
  • Don’t give children of this age toys with projectiles, like foam bullet guns.
  • Magnets are used often in toys, but if they fall out of the toy and are swallowed they can cause serious internal damage.

Ages 7 – 9

  • Buy items that fit. It may be tempting to buy a bike a size too big so they will grow into it, but this can cause serious injury. Any sports equipment such as bikes, skates, scooters, etc. should fit your child now.
  • Art supplies should be labeled non-toxic and washable.
  • Science and craft kits are great gifts for this age, but make sure they are not too advanced by reading the label. Parental supervision for some kits may be necessary.

Ages 10 – 12

  • Children at this age may really like video games, but make sure the games they receive are age appropriate and have an “E” rating.
  • As your child needs little supervision for play at this age, make sure any board games or science and craft kits are written at a level that will be easy to understand and follow for your child.
  • Keep the toys from this age group away from and out of reach of smaller children, as they will have parts that can cause serious injury. Make sure your child knows to keep their toys in a safe place so they don’t become tripping hazards to themselves, or an even bigger danger to younger children.

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