Top Safety Tips When Buying Holiday Toys

By December 11, 2018Safety

Best Advice to Buy Kid-Friendly, Safe Presents

When buying toys this holiday season, it’s a good idea to keep safety in mind. Here are our top tips when purchasing gifts.

1. Purchase age-appropriate toys.

Read the labels on toy packages to decide if the toy is safe for a child’s age. Make sure the label says the toy is nontoxic—especially if the child is prone to putting things in their mouth.

2. Look for potential hazards.

For instance, loud toys can damage a child’s hearing. Watch for dangling strings or ribbons that can cause strangulation, and remove any hazards if the gift is for a young child. While small toy pieces are okay for older children, they pose a choking hazard for young children, especially children three years and under.

3. Think twice about flying toys.

Toys that shoot things into the air may injure eyes or be choking hazards.

4. For young kids, avoid toys that need to be plugged in.

It’s best to stick with battery-powered toys for younger children. Always keep any button-sized batteries away from younger kids, which could be very dangerous when swallowed.

5. Beware of high powered magnets.

High-powered magnet sets are typically marketed towards adults and contain safety warnings about their risks. However, these super-strong magnetic balls can be attractive to children, and incredibly dangerous if swallowed.

6. Don’t forget the helmets!

If you’re buying a riding toy, bike, scooter, or other similar toy, include the safety gear. There are great helmets geared towards kids.

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