Our Top Myths about Donating Blood

By January 4, 2019Health Basics

Our Top Myths about Donating Blood

Do you believe myth number 8?

January is National Blood Donation Month. Check out our top seven myths about donating blood.

blood donation mythsNumber 1

Myth: Blood banks can stockpile blood.

Fact: Blood is a living tissue. It is perishable and must be handled with care. Moreover, blood must be stored in special nutrient solutions to maintain its life-saving properties. Nevertheless, each unit of blood can only be stored safely for up to 42 days. Platelets last only five days.

Number 2

Myth: The best time to donate blood is in times of crisis.

Fact: Having a safe and ample blood supply from donors who give frequently is the best preparation for a crisis – whether it is a catastrophic event like 9/11 or a patient’s private battle against cancer.

Number 3

Myth: Age is a deterrent to blood donation.

Fact: A person who is fit and healthy, and below age 60 can donate blood.

Number 4

Myth: When there is a requirement, blood can be manufactured.

Fact: Blood is not something that can be manufactured. It can only come from healthy human beings.

Number 5

Myth: Giving blood is time consuming.

Fact: The time taken for a single donation session is normally not more than an hour or so. We’ve put together a list places to donate blood in Austin, so you can find a location closer to you. Check it out here.

Number 6

Myth: Being a vegetarian, means that the blood does not have enough iron and cannot be donated.

Fact: Vegetarians can donate blood. The iron needed is taken from body stores and once a balanced diet is maintained is replaced after donation. This usually normally takes a month or so.

Number 7

Myth: There is limited blood in the body and it is unhealthy to give some away.

Fact: Only about 350-450ml of blood is taken during a donation session. There is enough blood in the body to donate it without any ill effects. The body makes new blood after donation.

Number 8

Myth: Giving blood hurts.

Fact: You may be soreness where the needle was inserted.  However, this is a reminder of how you helped save a life.


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