Three Holiday Decoration Safety Tips

By December 1, 2017Safety

Holiday Decorating Related Injuries

Almost 250 people are injured every day between November and January trying to put up their holiday decorations. One of the most common reasons people end up in the ER is from falling off ladders while decorating. This can result in lacerations and sprains, or more serious injuries like broken bones. Once the decorations are up, the chance for injury is not over, especially if the decorations used were old and damaged, or placed in areas that may cause dangerous situations, like fires.

Here are some tips to help you avoid some of the common causes of injury and keep you safe while decorating this season:

  1. Avoid Fires
    Real trees should not be placed near fireplaces, radiators or other heat sources, as this is a major fire hazard. Keeping trees watered can help reduce the risk of drying out and catching fire. Artificial trees should also be placed away from these items. Even if the tree was labeled as flame retardant or flame resistant, it can still catch on fire.
  2. Avoid Falls
    When hanging lights outside make sure your ladder is on level ground and sturdy enough to hold your weight, plus the weight of any decorations you may be carrying. Your ladder should also be three feet taller than where you will be hanging, or your roof line, so that you do not have to climb to the top or over-extend yourself. Have someone spot you and help hold the ladder steady to increase stability and safety.
  3. Avoid Electric Shock
    Before you hang your lights (inside or out), check to make sure they are not damaged, as they can start an electrical fire. Lights with frayed cords should not be used, and neither should lights that have loose connections or damaged and cracked sockets. If you need to replace a bulb in your lights, make sure to unplug the lights before doing so to reduce the risk of electrocution!

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