Halloween Safety Tips

By October 13, 2017Health Basics

From wearing costumes to walking around outside at night, there are many potential hazards on Halloween. On average, children are twice as likely to be struck by a vehicle on Halloween than any other day of the year. And while 75% of parents say they choose a costume with safety in mind, only a fraction of kids take precautionary measures like walking with flashlights.

Halloween can be scary, but you don’t have to be scared for all the wrong reasons. When you are trick-or-treating, these 10 tips can keep everyone safe and ensure a fun night:

  1. Make sure children under the age of 12 always trick-or-treat with an adult.
  2. Always walk, not run, from house to house.
  3. Use crosswalks, traffic signals and stay on sidewalks or paths. If there is no sidewalk, you should walk facing traffic, as far left as possible.
  4. Choose costumes that have light colored fabrics, are marked as flame resistant, and fit well to prevent painful trips and falls.
  5. Glow sticks can be a fun way to increase kids’ visibility to drivers as well as increase their vision.
  6. Only 18% of parents use reflective tape on their child’s costumes, but the use of reflective tape can make you and your kids more visible to drivers.
  7. Don’t carry swords, canes, or other sharp objects that could injure a child if they fall.
  8. Always test face make-up on a small area of skin before wearing to make sure there are no adverse reactions such as irritation or an allergic reaction. Always choose make-up that is non-toxic.
  9. Only eat treats that are factory-wrapped, and always check for evidence of tampering before consumption.
  10. Talk to your kids about safety every year and before Halloween night. The excitement of Halloween may distract kids, so parents should have regular conversations about safety in the weeks leading to Halloween.

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