Five Star ER Partners with Family Eldercare to Collect Fans for 26th Annual Summer Fan Drive, Help Prevent Heat-Related Illnesses

By June 29, 2016Press Releases

Austinites Can Donate Fans at a local Five Star ER to Help Provide Heat Relief for Local Seniors and Adults with Disabilities

Austin, TX, May 2, 2016 – As temperatures start to rise, Austin-based Five Star ER today announced it has partnered with Family Eldercare to accept fans and cash donations for the 26th annual Summer Fan Drive at each of its four locations throughout the Central Texas area. As one of the largest efforts of its kind in the country, the Summer Fan Drive provides inexpensive fans to seniors and adults with disabilities to help provide relief from the searing Texas summer heat.

“The Austin-Round Rock metro area has the second fastest growth rate for seniors 65 and older in the nation, and with more than 6,300 fans delivered last summer alone, there is a significant need in our community for a simple, inexpensive fan to help battle the heat,” said Marysol Imler, Vice President of Five Star ER. “We see too many patients each summer who suffer from heat-related illnesses, when a fan can significantly help cool people down.”

In addition to a new fan, Fan Drive recipients receive outreach “kits” including basic needs resource information (nutrition, utilities, transportation, etc.) heat relief tips and other help. Volunteers delivering to recipients are trained to watch out for signs of neglect, abuse or other dangerous conditions.

Five Star ER also issued several video resources for Austinites to recognize the signs of dehydration, heat exhaustion, and when it may be a medical emergency, available here. Heat emergencies have three stages: heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke. All three stages of heat emergency are serious. Getting the right treatment from an experienced ER team in the early stages of this condition can prevent a heat stroke that can be fatal or cause lifelong complications.

“For anyone that feels overheated, we recommend drinking plenty of fluids (avoiding caffeine and alcohol), removing any tight or unnecessary clothing and taking a cool shower, in addition to using the fans,” added Imler.

Fans and cash donations will be accepted at the following locations beginning today through Friday, June 17, 2016. More information is also available at



About Five Star ER

Five Star ER, based in Austin, Texas, is a freestanding emergency department owned and operated by Emergency Service Partners (ESP), a physician-owned group providing emergency medical care in Central Texas emergency rooms since 1988. ESP is also the exclusive provider of emergency physician services to the Seton Healthcare Family. Five Star ER, in partnership with the Seton Healthcare Family, leverages the existing relationship to offer continuity of care should there be a need for patient transfer. Operational hours for Five Star ER facilities are 24/7/365.

About Family Eldercare

Since 1982, we have helped seniors, adults with disabilities and their caregivers live safely and as independently as possible, regardless of their income level or ability to pay. We provide care and comfort to those who have neither. We serve over 6,000 individuals and their caregivers each year through a range of programs including the Summer Fan Drive, In-Home Care, Money Management, Guardianship Services, Counseling, Lifetime Connections Without Walls, the Institute on Aging and our beautiful Lyons Gardens senior community. To learn more visit