Understanding the Difference

Freestanding Emergency Room vs. Urgent Care Center

No one ever plans on having a sudden illness, injury or emergency situation. Choosing the right facility for the right care can be critical. Here is an overview of the treatments and services offered by facilities that may appear similar, but offer very different levels of medical care.

Urgent Care Centers

One of the easiest ways to distinguish the difference between the two is to think of an Urgent Care Center as extension of your primary care physician. Like your family physician’s office, Urgent Care Centers provide medical treatment for minor ailments, injuries and illnesses. These centers usually provide extended hours for medical care, but are not open around the clock. Likewise, they are not equipped nor licensed to handle major medical trauma or emergency conditions.

Freestanding Emergency Rooms

Freestanding emergency rooms, open 24/7, operate just like a traditional hospital emergency room. The facility is equipped and licensed to handle major medical trauma or life-threatening conditions offering medical services not available at an Urgent Care Center. The physicians at Five Star ER are board-certified and all members of the medical team on staff have extensive emergency room experience.

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