Donate Blood at Five Star ER

Five Star ER is hosting a Blood Drive

During the summer months, when schools are out of session, blood drives are vital to our community. Five Star ER is hosting a mobile blood drive with We Are Blood on May 29th. Give back to your community by donating blood.

Sign-up for an appointment here:

Date: May 29

Time: 2pm-4:30pm

Location: Five Star ER, 8721 Manchaca Rd • Austin, Texas 78748

Blood donation locations in Austin, Texas.

Find a location to donate blood near you.

Read the Facts about Donating Blood

Blood is a living tissue

It is perishable and must be handled with care. Moreover, blood must be stored in special nutrient solutions to maintain its life-saving properties. Nevertheless, each unit of blood can only be stored safely for up to 42 days. Platelets last only five days.

Blood Donors are Always Needed

Having a safe and ample blood supply from donors who give frequently is the best preparation for a crisis – whether it is a catastrophic event like 9/11 or a patient’s private battle against cancer.

Many People are Eligible to Donate

A person who is fit and healthy, and below age 60 can donate blood.

Donating Blood doesn’t take a lot of time

The time taken for a single donation session is normally not more than an hour or so.


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