Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

At Five Star ER, we’re here to help you with expert treatment for your medical emergency. We’re here for everything from injuries to illnesses, or sudden medical emergencies.

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers!

What’s the difference between Five Star ER and a traditional hospital emergency room?

A freestanding ER provides the same medical care as a hospital ER, with a minimal wait and a pleasant experience. You have a private exam room and in-house diagnostics just a few yards away so the treatment process is more efficient and less stressful.

Is Five Star ER the same as an Urgent Care facility?

No. Five Star ER’s physicians are board certified and experienced in emergency medicine. While the staff at Five Star ER can treat many of the same problems typically treated in an Urgent Care facility, we specialize in more serious emergencies such as deep lacerations, broken bones, high fevers, chest pain, and other serious health concerns.

Why is it important that Five Star ER physicians are board certified?

Board certification is a rigorous and demanding credential requiring physicians to demonstrate a high level of medical knowledge, experience, and skill. All Five Star ER physicians are board certified and have experience in emergency medicine to ensure the best care for our patients.

Does Five Star ER accept most medical insurance plans? What is my co-pay?

Although Five Star ER participates in most medical insurance plans, Five Star ER or the physicians treating you may not participate in your plan’s provider network. Five Star ER will work with your insurance company to process claims under your plan’s in-network benefits. Please contact your insurance company to determine your coverage. Visit our insurance page for more information.

Does Five Star ER accept Medicare/Medicaid/Tricare?

No, Five Star ER regrets that we cannot participate in Medicare/Medicaid/Tricare at this time.

What injuries and illnesses can Five Star ER treat?

Five Star ER can treat a wide range of injuries and illnesses. Please see our Medical Services page for a list of medical emergencies can be treated at Five Star ER.

What if I need a referral to a medical specialist after visiting Five Star ER?

We know many injuries and illnesses may require follow-up care with your primary care physician or a consulting specialist. Five Star ER physicians will personally contact your primary care physician so your doctor has all the information on the illness or injury that brought you to Five Star ER. We can also provide referrals to a wide range of specialists who can treat your medical condition after your emergency room visit.