Tips To Having An Eggcellent (And Safe!) Easter

By April 13, 2017Lifestyle

Egg hunts, family get-togethers and backyard BBQs make Easter a fun time of year for everyone! Don’t let an accident or injury spoil the fun! Use these tips to keep your kids and family safe.

Check For Rotten Eggs!

Decorating eggs is a fun tradition for many families, but did you know Salmonella can be found on both the inside and outside of eggs? To avoid cross contamination and possible illness make sure you store and cook eggs properly before dying. Always wash your hands thoroughly (and your kids too!) before and after handling raw or uncooked eggs.

Hunt Low, Not High

If you are planning to have an Easter egg hunt, make sure to hide eggs in places that are not too high for kids to reach to avoid falls and injuries. Also avoid placing eggs near the street or driveway if there are cars/vehicles coming and going. It’s easy for kids to get excited during holiday celebrations so make sure there is plenty of adult supervision at all times!

Designate Egg Hunt Boundaries

Set up a boundary for an outdoor Easter egg hunt so kids are not wandering off or into places that aren’t safe or supervised. It may also be good idea to separate kids in age groups to prevent big kids from knocking over smaller kids.

Check All The Eggs In Your Basket

If it’s small enough to fit inside of an Easter egg, it’s small enough to fit inside of a child’s mouth. Prevent choking hazards by checking that all toys and candy are age appropriate for the little ones at your Easter gathering.

Stay Safe Outdoors

If you are going to be outside for long periods for an Easter egg hunt or other outdoor activities, remember to apply sunscreen to prevent getting sun burned. Broad spectrum (UVA & UVB protection) with at least a 15 SPF should be used. If you burn easily, then you should use higher SPF. Also remember to drink plenty of fluids and seek shade for rest to prevent dehydration and heat illness.

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