Take Action to Show Your Support for Freestanding Emergency Centers

Reach out to your statewide elected official and show your support for Freestanding Emergency Centers like Five Star ER. Click HERE to send an email to your representatives.

Freestanding Emergency Centers like Five Star ER do more than treat patients in need of emergency medical care; they provide convenient access to highly trained emergency doctors and nurses that are able to treat patients in a matter of minutes. More and more patients are choosing freestanding emergency rooms over traditional hospitals due to the quality, convenience and high customer satisfaction ratings.

Even with all the benefits freestanding emergency rooms bring to the communities they serve, they are often criticized for leaving patients with “surprise bills” after a visit. However, freestanding emergency rooms charges are comparable to a traditional hospital ER. So why are freestanding emergency rooms being blamed for high out-of-pocket costs?

One reason is due to how health insurance companies are underpaying emergency medical claims. The Texas Department of Insurance recently found that health insurance companies wrongfully withheld $457,000 from patient visits to freestanding emergency rooms in 2016 alone. This was based on an analysis of only 417 total claims. That amounts to an average of $1,096 per claim owed by the insurance companies to providers and their patients.

Texas health care statutes, and federal law, require that insurance companies cover ER visits as in-network. It’s called the Prudent Layperson Standard. Read more about that – and your rights as a patient – here.

Based on this small sample of complaints, it is clear that many millions of dollars are being wrongfully withheld from health care providers that treat patients who have a right to expect that their medical bills will be paid on time and in the amounts required by the insurance contracts and Texas law and that’s why we need your help!

Like all freestanding emergency rooms, Five Star ER is committed to providing patients with clear and transparent billing procedures and we feel health insurance companies should be required to do the same. Use this link to reach out to your statewide elected officials and share your positive experience at Five Star ER. The stories of our patients are critical as we tell our story and educate legislators about what FECs do and the services they provide.

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